Nov 172011

WD My Passport Essential becomes more and more popular for business men and general PC users for its mini size, huge data storage capability as well as fashionable appearance. If you don’t want to take your PC by your side, WD My passport is a good choice for you can easily take with it anywhere on the go. Sometimes, you may find your documents in WD Passport Essential are mistakenly deleted or the device is out of your control and you can’t access to it. Fortunately, there are ways to recover data from WD passport essential. The article below analyzes reasons of losing data in it and tips about how to recover data from it.

The commonest scenario about losing data in WD My Passport Essential:
1. Deleted important files while connect it to PC,
2. Mistakenly formatted WD passport essential without backup,
3.  Eject or powerful off WD drive improperly to cause corruption of it,
4. Error message like “the disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” occurs,
5. Partition lost from WD passport essential or some partition errors.

Why the lost data can be recovered?
When you deleted files from WD hard drive or accidently formatted it, the data in it is not deleted permanently. Unlike computer that you can find deleted files in recycle bin or trash bin, WD hard drive will bypass them. However, the data is still in the drive, only not visible and accessible. And their space can be available for other files. If they are not overwritten by other new data, you can still get them back.

How to recover WD my passport essential data?
If you can’t get your data in your backup or format the WD my passport essential, a third party WD data recovery program is necessary, here you can try Card Data Recovery. It has two versions: Card Data Recovery for Windows and Card Data Recovery for Mac. They are dedicated to service windows and Mac users. The following tutorial tells you how to recover data with them.
Download WD my passport essential data recovery software. Connect the WD passport essential to PC with USB, usually with USB 3.0, which helps spending up transformation very much.
Step2. When WD hard drive is detected by the PC and appears as a drive letter, launch western digital my passport data recovery software, click “scan” to scan deleted files in the hard drive, and you can see all lost data listed in the task list with file signature.
Step3. Click “Recover” to retrieve the lost data or you can preview them before recovery.




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  1. How neat! Is it rellay this simple? You make it look easy.

  2. please my brothers i am very sorry my was lost all of them wd my passport drive has password some one don’t khow my password was deleted all data know I am very so sorry what can i do
    my Email address is [email protected] please helppe me as soon as bosabale please

  3. please my brothers i am very sorry my data was lost all of them wd my passport drive has password some one don’t khow my password was deleted all data know I am very so sorry what can i do

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