Jun 092013

As the popularity of digital photograph and the digital photography revolution, digital camera became more and more affordable for most people. The widely use of digital camera stimulus the market of digital camera memory card. This article will introduce some things you need to know about digital camera memory card. If you are considering buying a digital memory card or are using a digital memory card, this article is definitely for you.

1. Type of Cards

There are three broad and popular types of memory cards for digital cameras:  Compact Flash (CS), Secure Digital (SD), and Smart Media (SM).  Most consumer cameras only allow users using one type of card. However, there are also a few of the top of the line professional DSLR cameras might allow for using both Compact and SM cards at the same time.

2. Memory Capacity

Most digital camera available on the market are at least 8 megapixels and higher. So your digital camera memory card should be at least 2 GB to make sure you have enough space to store your photos.  A 2 gig SD card, for example, on my 12 megapixel Canon Power shot G9 can hold about 380 large JPEG size photos, but if I choose to shoot RAW format photos, that 2 gig card can only hold about 117 photos.

3. Number of Shots

The type of shooting you do can impact how many images your memory card can hold. Your camera may tell you that the card can hold 380 images, but depending on the exposure settings and resolution sizes for each image taken, the file sizes can vary, though not significantly.

3. Keep a Backup

Here the backup we mean both keeping a spare backup digital camera memory card and keeping a backup of the data stored on your memory card.  If your camera included a rudimentary small size memory card, tuck that card away in your camera bag and keep it solely as a backup.  Thus if for any reason you fill up your main card(s) or forget to put your memory card back into your camera, you have the backup card with at all times.

Backing up the data stored on your memory card is also very important, because you cannot foresight when you may lost your data either because of human errors or the errors of the camera. However, if unfortunately lost all data on your digital camera memory card before backing up them, you can turn to Card Data Recovery to recover your lost data with ease.

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