Feb 222014

There are a bevy of great new Android handsets and a pair of new iPhone to choose from. You are updating your smartphone recently. Before your ditch your old phone, do you think about how to secure it to prevent your personal data sold to the next owner?

Follow these simple steps below.

1. Backup your Phone Data

For iPhone, you can use iTunes to backup your content on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to computer, and choose “File” > “Devices” >> “Backup” after launching iTunes. You will either backup to your computer or the iCloud service. Tap “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage & Backup” on your iPhone. Turn on “iCloud Backup” if it’s off. Tap “Back Up Now”.

P.S.: Forgot to backup your important data before selling your iPhone? You can retrieve lost data with iPhone Data Recovery even though your iPhone is not at hand.

How to backup data on Android phone? For contacts, the most accessible and reliable place to store those is Google Contacts. It’s a service that’s baked right in to Gmail and Android, and it’s painless to get it working. For your media, the simplest backup method is to connect the phone to your computer and transfer all of your content to a folder. Especially if you’re dealing with multiple gigabytes of photos, music, and videos, this is a lot faster than backing up to the cloud.

2. Remove your SIM card

While most of the data that you store is kept on your internal storage or microSD card, it’s still possible for contacts or call logs to be kept on your SIM card. The person you’re selling it to has no need for this, so always be sure to remove it.

3. Remove your SD/microSD card

Similarly, if your phone has a SD/microSD card, chances are you don’t really want or need to give it away. To truly ensure that the data on your memory card is secure, keep it to yourself.

4. Factory Reset Your Phone

To absolutely wipe your phone before giving it away, factory-fresh and eliminate any trace that you once owned it. You can use the default erase settings to securely erase your phone.

l  In iOS, choose “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Contents and Settings”.

l  In Android, it can vary by manufacturer, but you should look in “Settings” for something like “Backup & reset”.

l  In Windows Phone, go to “Settings” > “About” and choose “Reset Your Phone”.