May 172013

Choosing a right SD card is not an easy thing for most people as hundreds of manufacturers market thousands of memory cards and devices built to SD standards in a variety of storage capacities, speed classes and three different physical sizes: SD, miniSD, and microSD.

The difference among SD, miniSD, and microSD card

SD memory cards are typically used in personal computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other large consumer electronics devices.

The microSD and miniSD cards are commonly used in smaller electronic devices like mobile phones and tablet computers. Some memory card manufacturers offer adapters allowing microSD cards to fit a traditional SD card slot. This gives you even greater versatility and flexibility to use the card in a mobile phone as well as a computer or video camera.

How to Choose the Right SD card?

To determine the right card to match your device, always consult the device’s user manual or contact the manufacturer. All memory card options are readily available in the marketplace, produced and distributed by a wide range of manufacturers, in retail outlets around the world including drug stores, electronics and computer shops and Internet sites.

1. Physical Format

The first thing to consider when getting a SD card is where you’re going to use it. Different cameras, camcorders, and smartphones use different sizes of card, and while you can start with the smallest and use adapters to work your way up, it’s generally best to use the card size intended for the device.

2. Follow your device’s user’s manual

Manufacturers produce SD memory cards in a range of memory capacities designed to fit your needs and budget. Today, products using the SDXC standard will have the greatest memory capacity and fastest performance when using Ultra High Speed (UHS) standards. Products using the SDHC and UHS standards will also enjoy the fastest performance. Your device’s user’s manual should help you select the memory card standards that are right for your device.

3. Determine the right memory capacity and speed

You should consider how you will use a memory card to determine the right memory capacity and speed choice. For cameras, consider the quality of the picture resolution of every photo, and for your MP3 player, the bit-rate required for smooth playback. Take a look at our reference chart that illustrates the various storage capacities provided by our standards.


4. SD card brand

Brand is also an important aspect that every SD card users should keep in mind. For the brand, I’d really advice you to stick with the reputable brands and never ever buy cheap, counterfeited, “brand” cards for cheap or counterfeited may easily cause card data loss. Recovery card data is a troublesome thing unless you use Card Data Recovery software. It can recover delete, lost or formatted photos, video, audio and documents in seconds with several clicks.

So far we have discussed four aspects that we need to keep in mind when choose the right SD card for your digital device. If you are considering buying a SD card, take these aspects into consideration and find right SD card.