Apr 062013

Memory cards are the most popular type of storage for use in digital cameras and mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras. A memory card can be damaged or due to crack or virus attack or the removal during reading or writing to the card. In this article I will introduce several ways to recover data from a damaged memory card.

How to Recover Data from a Physical Damaged Memory Card?

If your memory card is cracked, you may think that all your digital information is lost. This isn’t necessarily true. There are ways to fix the card yourself, and there’s no technical knowledge needed.

Step 1: Locate the read-only lock on the memory card. It is located on the side of the card near the bottom, above the gold connector teeth. If your memory card is cracked, the cover of this lock will have broken off, revealing a small gap. It is this gap that needs fixing.

Step 2: Cut a paperclip to size with pliers. Cut the paperclip so it is the exact same size as the plastic lock that broke off your SD card.

Step 3: Dab the ends of the paperclip with industrial glue. Use only a drop of glue. Adding too much could result in dried clumps of glue on your memory card that prevent it from fitting into the appropriate slot in an electronic device.

Step 4: Insert the paperclip in the gap on your memory card where the plastic lock used to be. Fit the paperclip so it is flush against the side of the SD card.

Step 5: Wait for the glue to dry completely, then insert your memory card into an electronic device and test it. At this point it should work without any problems.

How to Recover Data from a Memory Card of Virus Attack?

Virus attack to your memory card can simple lead you lost all your data stored on your cards. This can be the most painful things especially when there is something important on it. Don’t freak out. Card Data Recovery makes it possible for you to recover data from your virus attack memory card. Following I will tell you how to use card data recovery to recover card data.

Step1: First you need to download and install Card Data Recovery on your PC. Double click “.exe” file and follow the prompt to install it.

Step2: Connect the device to your computer, run Card Data Recovery and click “scan” to start scanning lost data.

Step3: Check data in the task list table and click “recovery” to start recovery. You can preview lost data on the right window before recovery.

Step 4: When you find the exact files you want to recover, click “Recover” and select a path to save recovered files.

In this article we have talked about how to recover card data from either physical damaged memory card or virus attack memory card. So if you happen to encounter the similar problem, give a try to these methods.