Dec 152015

Mistakenly deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 520? What’s worse, you haven’t backup? Don’t worry, you still have way to resore. In this article, I would introduce the best Nokia Lumia 520 data recovery program to help you recover deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 520.

mistakenly deleted photos from nokia lumia 520

Firstly, you should know why to recover data from Nokia Lumia 520 is possible even though deleted?

When you delete files from your Nokia Lumia 520, the space that the files used to be stored turns blank but the files are kept intact as long as you haven’t overwritten it by storing new files to the blank space. What the Nokia Lumia 520 file recovery software does is to scan the deleted data and get it back. As far as I know, Card Data Recovery Software is the most user-friendly, effective as well as safest one to recover your Nokia Lumia 520 deleted data. It can quickly recover lost data due to card or drive corruption, virus attack, mistakenly deletion, formatting, etc.

How to use Card Data Recovery ?

Step 1. Select target drive and file type
After you launch Card Data Recovery Software for Windows, you will see the main interface. Click “Start” on the button of the interface. You can also click “Step 1” instead.
Step 2. Preview and select you needed photos
During scanning, you can stop scanning, or you give up recovery after finishing scanning and click “Back”, you can save the scan result for recovery at the next time.
Step 3. Save the recovered photos to destination folder
After you find the deleted photos you want to recover, click “Recover” button and select a path to save the photos.
Tips: Don’t save the recovered files to the same partition where you lost the files.

recover deleted photos from nokia lumia 520
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