May 312013

Many readers of mine troubled by the problem of how to erase their hard drive completely and asked me about it for lots of times. So I prepare to introduce you an effective way to erase your data stored on your hard drive clearly and completely.

Easing a hard drive completely doesn’t just delete files or format hard drives, because simple deletion or formation hard drives are not permanent. Deleting or formatting files can be easily recovered by a piece of third party software called Card Data Recovery.

You can just format the drive if you’re simply passing it on to a trusted family member, such as a child who needs a computer for school work. But what if you need to sell or donate the old computer, which means we need to erase hard drive completely. And “completely” is the key. Without properly removing your files, you risk security issues with your data.

How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drive?

If you really need to erase your hard drive and would not allow to recovered by some software, follow the below steps.

1. Back up your data. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot recover your files after you erase your hard drive completely. Backing up ensures that your data is still available, should you realize you’re missing a critical file or folder.

2. Insert your Windows installation disk and start up your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to reformat your hard drive, including repartitioning and installing Windows.

3. Use third party utility software to provide greater security. These software programs write random numbers and symbols onto your drive, making the old data indecipherable. They’re best used if you’re donating an old computer. Darik’s Boot and Nuke as well as Eraser are free to download and use.

4. Launch third party software several times if it is necessary. A single process can take several hours which will be sufficient. But if you want to minimize the potential to retrieve anything from the hard disk, you can run the software multiple times to further wipe out the data.

Erasing a hard drive completely is really needed in some occasions, but don’t completely erase it without a backup.