Mar 092012

While transferring photos from camera to PC, you got this error: “SD Card Error:This device cannot start”. When you try to plug the card again to your computer, it doesn’t appear in “My Computer”

Other SD card error messages including: Card not initialized, Read error/Write error, the card cannot be used, fix SD card error: This device cannot start, remove SD card error: This device cannot start, get rid of SD Card Error: This device cannot start, etc.

Generally, there are two reasons why the data on SD card becomes inaccessible. One is logical damage, the other is physical damage.

For logical damage, it prevents access to the data on the drive, but the computer operating system still can recognize the card. In this case, some software like Card Data Recovery can help you get back the data in SD card.

Physical damage is more complex than logical damage. In general, SD card includes two parts: memory chip and a controller. The controller writes and reads the data from the memory chip.

If the controller damaged, but the memory chips kept well, you can still get back the data. In most cases, this issue was caused by the drive conflicts. To fix SD card error, first, look for the device that’s listed with an exclamation point and uninstall it. After doing this, unplug any removable drive devices and restart your computer. After reboot, insert your faulty SD card back into your system. If it still fails to show up in ‘My Computer’, proceed to your Windows ‘Control Panel’. Open ‘Administrative Tools’ and then load ‘Computer Management’. Now select ‘Disk Management’. Look for your removable device and if listed should show it without a drive letter assigned to it. Right click your removable device and choose the ‘Change Drive Letter…’ option. Now select a new driver letter for your SD card. You had better choose one higher than what it was trying to use before in case that a similar conflict will happen again. When the drive be recognized by the computer, use data recovery software to help you retrieve the lost data.