Aug 072013

In this digital world, everything comes in digits. Photos, music, movies, documents… no matter what type of files they are, as a computer user nowadays, you are surely slowly accumulating data on your computer. Maybe there is a folder contains over 300 digital photos on your desktop, or there could be a movie collection of over 100 high-definition movie sitting on your computer. Either way the computer space has been taken up. And if something happen to your computer, the data you stored on your PC might just vanish for good. In order to avoid this kind of incident, an external hard drive is a must. So before buying an external hard drive, what should you know about it?

Reasons for Buying an External HD

1. For freeing the space of your computer
Let’s say you are a hardcore media consumer (and you do not have plans on quitting your download habits soon), and you are building your own music library with lossless music, which takes up a lot of space, thus slows down your computer. And of course you wouldn’t want your efforts go in vain when the hard drive or your computer crashes. So you need extra and more secured space for all your media files.
2. For securing the important data
It is never a good choice to keep your important data in just one place. Everything could happen, hardware crashes, virus attack, accidentally deletion or format, and cost your data. It is crucial that we back up data regularly and keep the backup files in a different physical location, so you will have an alternative when something goes wrong.

Types of External Hard Drive

So when you decided to buy an external hard drive, there are generally two types to choose from. Should I buy a portable hard drive or an external hard drive? Well, the differences between these two lie in the following subjects:
1. Function: External hard drive are designed for data storage, whereas portable hard drive data carriage. So external hard drives are usually treated as a part of the computer, simply add more space to a PC’s storage, and it needs power source to run. While the portable ones are usually easy to carry around, and could transfer files from one computer to another easily.
2. Size: External hard drive is larger than portable hard drive, both in its size and capacity. Portable hard drive is usually smaller, for it is meant to be carried around. A portable unit could be as small and thin as a smartphone.
3. Price: For its bigger capacity, external drives are usually more expensive than portable drives. An external drive may have bigger space for data storage than a computer’s internal storage. While few portable drives could have that much capacity.

Speed of External Hard Drive

There are speed differences between various drives. Generally speaking, external hard drive could be divided into two categories, by their ports and types.
1. Port: When it comes to the speed of hard drive (the time it takes to read and write files), the port of the drive is what we have to consider. Nowadays the drives in the market are either using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. From the tendency of its development, what we can conclude is that USB 3.0 would increase its popularity. It is much faster than USB 2.0, it is just a matter of time that 3.0 takes over.
2. Type: Besides from the port difference, hard drives could also be divided into solid-state drives and hard disk drives. SSD is extremely faster, safer than HDD. The downsides of SSD are that it has a life-span, which might just stop working without any sign, and, it is much more expensive than HDD. If you have a lot of documents and files to be stored, I think a HDD is suggested.

Regular Back Up External Hard Drive

Don’t ever think that data loss couldn’t happen to you if you have an external hard drive. Buying one to back up your files is a good idea, but it will be useless if you don’t actually back up you data with it. In case you forget, set up some kind of automatic backup, and set the time for back up at the end of the day or when you won’t be using the computer for the process of backing up will drastically slow down your computer. I suggest backing up the files every time you have new information added in, as long as you remember to do so.

Above is just a way of preventing the data loss, if it indeed happened to you, please try Card Data Recovery to recover the photos, videos, music, documents and other files from you external hard drive.