May 042013

Speed (read speed and write speed) is always an important factor affect people choosing a Compact Flash Card especially for photographers as it determines how fast pictures are taken from and put on the Compact Flash card, which affects how quickly you can take the next photo.

Now Toshiba has introduced the World’s Fastest Compact Flash Card to the market. With Toshiba’s new speedy Compact Flash card, photographers’ lives are about to get a little more efficient. The Exceria PRO Series cards are the fastest Compact Flash memory cards currently available.

Toshiba’s new cards come in the now-standard 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. The real concerns of people are their read and write speeds. (The read speed is how long it takes to read something from the memory card. The write speed is how long it takes to save something on to the memory card).

The cards reach a write speed of 150MB/s, and a read speed of 160MB/s. The speeds are so fast, that the cards allow the capture of 1080p video without a dropped frame and they are capable of handling 4K as well. With such a high speed, it deserves to be the World’s Fastest Compact Flash Card.

The new card is released to the market in Japan in April 27th, and will eventually release in other markets including North America at some undefined time after that. The price of this new card is still unveiled now, but 64GB Compact Flash cards with significantly lower read and writes speeds are listed at around $100 on Newegg.

However, losing data still exists in this new card like many other memory cards. We usually lost our data either by the human errors or the problem of products. Luckily, a simple delete command on most devices just marks the space on a memory card as being available for use rather than overwriting the actual space on the card. As long as you don’t record anything new onto the card, previously deleted data should be relatively easy to recover using a card data recovery tool.

So, if you want to experience the World’s fastest Compact Flash cared and want fancy memory to pair up with your fancy camera, keep an eye peeled for Toshiba’s new cards and you’ll be reading and writing faster than ever before.