May 252013

SD cards are widely used in electronic devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and portable media players. It is the most popular storage medium. People have used SD cards will know that once you have saved information onto a SD card, it remains on the card. When your SD card is full and no more data can be stored on it, the data must be stored on copied to a computer or deleted before more can be stored. Following passage I will tell you how to clear a SD card from a device or using a computer.

1. Clear a SD Card from a Device

Step 1: Backup your important data stored on the SD card. If there is nothing, it is safe to clear the SD card with the device itself.

Step 2: You can either delete each item individually or clear the entire SD card at once. To delete each image individually, use the menu system specific to your device to browse each individual data item, and then delete the item.

To clear all of the data from the card, see if the device has a “Format SD Card” or “Format Card” feature. Once the SD card has been formatted by the device, none of the data on the card will be recoverable.

Step 2: Wait for the SD card to be fully formatted if using a device to format. A message will tell you that the SD card has been formatted successfully. Don’t turn the device off or attempt to remove the SD card until the device indicates it is finished formatting.

2. Clear a SD Card Using a Computer

Step 1: Power off the device in which the SD card is installed and remove the SD card from the device carefully.

Step 2: Insert the SD card into the computer’s built-in SD card slot or an external SD read/write device that can be connected to any available USB  port on the computer.

Step 3: Create a new folder on the desktop of your computer screen. This can be done for both PC and Apple computers.

For the PC, right-click on the screen, then select “New” then “Folder” in the popup menu.

For Apple Mac, press and hold the following keys: “Command”, “Shift” and “N”. Name the folder “SD Backup” or any name you desire.

Step 4: Look on the desktop (PC) or in the Apple Dock (lower part of screen) for an icon that is attached to the SD card. Click on the icon to open a window that displays the contents of the SD card.

Step 5: Resize the window that displays the contents of the SD card so you can view it along with the new folder you have created on the desktop. Use the mouse to highlight all of the data and drag the contents of the SD card. Hover the mouse pointer over the new backup folder.

Step 6: Release the mouse button to drop the contents into the folder and click “Move.” This will empty the SD card without any further need for deleting or formatting.

Step 7: Click on the SD card icon and look for a menu selection labeled “Safely disconnect” or “Safely remove” and click.

Following these simple steps you can clear your SD card successfully, but there is a problem that you may delete your useful data without backup by mistake. In this occasion, you can recover card data with the help of Card Data Recovery. It can effectively recover all data you want within minutes.