Jul 092015

Quickly shooting for screen state on Android is very easy now. User just need to press two buttons(volume+power) or even just tap the shortcut on Android OS to make a screenshot. There are many reasons for user to make a screenshot on Android device,for sharing, for certifying, or other usage. However, screenshot image file is a kind of pictures, it is very easy to lost screenshot on Android device. For example, some management app for Android may recognize screenshot file as junk in device, when you use app to clean your device, they may be deleted.

General way for Android photos including screenshot recovery

To recover deleted, lost photos on Android device, there are some common ways existing in Android OS. Firstly, you can check backup in your phone. Every Android device has been installed backup and restoration feature app by producers, you can try to check whether backup can help you resetore lost screenshot. And Android OS (Android 5.0 or newer) already has recycle bin function in Gallery app. Deleted photos will be moved to recycle bin folder firstly, not remove them diretly. This folder make user can restore deleted Android photos in 30 days. Some Android device producers also may custom their gallery app which already has recycle bin or restoration features. Therefore, when we lost any screenshot photos in Android device, we can try to restore them back with those ways.


recover Android screenshot on macbook

More useful ways to recover deleted, lost Android screenshot

Except for general ways mentioned above, we can use other tool to get back Android screenshot pictures, especially, when they are not in recycle bin folder or backup doesn’t exist.

Note: Before using Android photos recovery tool to recover screenshot, you had better not take photos with your device, especially, don’t make screenshot.

Then, try to use this program-Tenorshare Android Data Recovery on Mac, which is a professional program on Mac OS to recover deleted,lost, formatted Android photos, contacts, text messages, call history, videos, app data, WhatsApp messages,etc for any Android device. Of course, you can use it on Windows OS with Win version.

There ‘s no need to worry about the process of recovery will be complex, only 4 steps, your lost screenshots will be back soon.
1. Connect Your Android Device
2. Scan Android Device

3. Preview and Recover Data