Mar 152013

The Micro SD card is a popular portable type of flash memory. Micro SD card distinguishes itself from the common SD card in its smallest physical size. The Micro SD card is commonly used in mobile phones and other small handheld devices.

As more and more people used Micro SD cards, they have encountered kinds of Micro SD cards problems such as computer won’t read the card, lost Micro SD card data etc. This article will tell you the way to deal with several kinds of Micro SD card problems.

Accessing or Writing Data Trouble

If you see an error that indicates there is trouble accessing or writing data to the card, there is probably an issue with the card’s formatting. Insert the Micro SD card into the device you wish to use and then run the formatting utility. If you are trying to use the Micro SD card on a computer open the “My Computer” menu, right-click on the card, and then open the “Properties” menu to run the formatting utility.

Computer Won’t Read the Card

Make sure peripheral card readers are connected directly to a computer. If you are using a peripheral card reader and have it connected to an external hub, the computer may not be able to read the card correctly. Connect the card reader directly to the computer and then try accessing the card’s contents again.

Write Protected Error Message

Make sure write protection is off. Like all other SD cards, Micro SD cards have a write protection switch that can prevent new data from being saved to the card. Look at the side of the card. If this switch is in the “On” position, switch it to “Off”, and then reinsert the card.

Lost Data from Micro SD cards

Lost Data from Micro SD cards can be caused by the human error or the problem of their digital device. This is a common problem for Micro SD cards. If you are troubled by the problem of recover the lost Micro SD cards data, you can use card data recovery software to try to recover the lost or deleted data, or you can also take the Micro SD cards to a computer camera repair center that may be able to recover the lost Micro SD cards data. According to my own experience card date recovery software can be a better choice.

These four problems can be the most common troubles of Micro SD cards. If you are experiencing problems with your Micro SD cards, I hope these four can help you to solve the Micro SD cards problems.