Jul 052013

Many people encounter the same issue that their SD card is not available to use. Generally, there are a number of reasons that you cannot your SD card. In this article, we list six common SD obstacles that lead your SD card not available to use.

1. The SD Card is in the Wrong Format

If your SD become unavailable to use, try to think about the last time you used it. Have you used it in multiple device, different phones or different cameras? There’s a chance that your SD card is actually formatted for a different device thus it can’t be ready by your new device.

In this occasion, you need to remove your important files from your SD card to your computer and then use your new device to reformat the card.

2. The SD Card is Ejected Unsafely

If you ejected your SD card from a computer while it is still being read, you could possibly make it can’t be used. And sometimes it even caused file corruptions. This is why we always suggest you remove your SD card safely. You have to reformat it to use it again and for your corrupted files you can use Card Data Recovery software to recover them.

3. The SD Card is Physical Damaged

Sometimes you cannot use your SD card is because it is physical damaged. Be such a tiny thing, SD card is easy to be physical damaged. If your SD card became unavailable to use because of this reason, I am afraid you have to buy a new card.

4. The SD Card is Locked

SD cards have the ability to be locked so none of the files are changed or erased – pretty nifty. It’s very easy to lock and unlock your card. If you look on the side of the card, you’ll notice that there’s a little switch. Just flip it away from the locked position, and you’re golden.

5. The Card Reader is Too Slow

If you have an older or cheapie card reader, then it very well may not keep up with the speeds of today’s SD cards. You need to find a newer and faster SD card reader to read your card properly.

6. The Write Speed isn’t Fast Enough

Your SD card may be unavailable to use because it is too old or too slow for the device you are using on it. You need to use the right SD card for your device according to your device’s manual.

These six reasons are the most common reasons why you cannot use your SD card on your device.