Nov 282012

In these years, digital camera has been a popular gift for the coming-again Christmas and happy new year, so that all of us are able to take advantage of the holiday’s many photo opportunities for your families, friend and even yourself to record some precious and happy time.

Well, of course, you may already have a pretty good camera – on your smartphone like iPhone, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S III or tablet like iPad 4, Surface and Samsung Galaxy Note. The camera roll on iPhone 5, for instance, rivals some point-and-shoot digital cameras. And at the same time, the same is true for a lots of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and tablets like iPad.

As high-qualitied as digital cameras are smartphones and tablets, they are likely not as well as the photo quality of professional mid-end and even high-end digital cameras. You have no doubt that only a few quality smartphone and tablets builds into a tiny lens and sensor on them, and what’s worst, no camera on smartphones and tablets has an optical zoom where the lens itself moves to focus on a subject when taking a picture.

So, if I wanna get a digital camera to be a gift for someone, which should I get? You know what, I’ve spent few weeks working out two good digital cameras that I prefer-Sony DSC RX100 and Canon S100, which are absolutely better than anything you’d get on a smartphone or tablet.

Admittedly, no good digital camera is cheap. But this Canon digital camera costs only $300, which is considerably less than the Sony one(Prise: $649).
Sony RX100 vs Canon S100
Both of digital cameras are not digital DSLR (single lens reflex) cameras, but both can be put into a pocket without problem.

Consider of diminutive size, why I like Cannon S100 more is it’s excellent picture quality and its 5X optical zoom lens range starts out at a wide angle (24mm) and zooms up to 120mm. What’s more, it is capable of taking good quality 1080p high definition video like some good camcorders. The zoom also works when you’re shooting videos that seems barely on cameras. And the stereo microphone doesn’t seem to pick up motor noise if you zoom while shooting, unlike other cameras I tested.

My biggest complaint about it is that the battery is rated for about 200 shots, which is like other low-end and mid-range compact digital cameras. If I were to get this camera, I’d definitely order a spare battery for it. In the other hand, the battery of Sony RX100 is rated for 330 pictures and doesn’t require a separate charger, which is unlike the Cannon one.

Sony RX100 is outstanding of the other compact digital cameras of its large 1-inch sensor, which is also larger than the Canon one’s sensor, and even though not as big as DSLR cameras. A bigger sensor takes in more light which increases color depth, reduces grain and generally produces better quality photos that you take with the cameras.

Sony RX100 camera is a bit expensive for me, I finally get a Cannon S100. What about you? Still can’t decide what to send for a Christmas gift for your girl friend, best friend or brother? Why not consider this good idea and just pick one?

In addition, you may also need memory card for your digital camera. But what if all your pictures are deleted accidentally or the memory card is formatted by your friend? Are they gone for good? Can you recover deleted or lost pictures from memory card?

The answer is, yes! You are able to recover deleted photos from memory card or recover pictures from formatted memory card! By using some kind of memory card data recovery software, you are capable to do so. For memory card recovery software, I had used Card Data Recovery, which is a professional and well-know memory card data recovery software on the internet. In case disaster and accident strikes, you had better know this. That’s all I would like to share about digital camera. If you have any qustions for the bove article, please leave a message below, I’ll reply ASAP.

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