Sep 182016

“Help! I buy an iPhone 6s rose gold with 128GB. I have had it plugged in for 24 hours and it’s always keeping it at the same percentage. It has been stuck on 9% for going on 6 hours. Why is my charger not charging my iPhone 6s any more than 9%? Does anyone know the solution? Please give me a help. Thanks in advance.”

Nowadays, a large amount of mobile phone configure with lithium battery. Once the electric quantity is exhaust, we have to charge it in order to continue using it. However, for some iPhone 6s Rose Gold users, sometimes the phone is not charged. This is really a disaster! Therefore, in this article, we are about to talk about how to solve the problem about iPhone 6s Rose Gold not charging, please keep going to read the information.


Check the Hardware
We have to check whether the charger and USB cable are connected well or not. There had a case that the charging was not connected with the USB, thus, the phone was not charging for a whole night. If there is no problem with the charger and USB cable, we might attempt to change another power socket and check if it is able to use. Besides, if the charger or USB cable is not the original one, please try to change it to check the charging.

Check the Charger
If there is no redundant charger, we can connect iPhone with USB cable, and then connect it to computer port. Of course, we have to keep the computer opened. If it can charge on the personal computer, then it shows that the problem is the charger is something wrong. Please change it.

Check the Software
Sometimes there may be something wrong with the Apple iOS system, so that the iPhone 6s cannot charge. In this way, we can keep pressing the Power button and then wait for the Power Off option, and then slide to turn off. And then try to charge the iPhone in the status of power off. If it can charge, then there maybe something wrong with the system software. In this situation, you can just reboot it again, and then you can charge it as usual.

Check the Hardware Failure
For the iPhone 6s rose gold users, if the hardware is failure and there is no artificial damage, as long as the smart phone is in use less than one year, we can get the free repair by Apple Support. Therefore, if we have tried so many methods and can’t charge for the iPhone 6s rose gold, it is possible that the hardware is broken. We can take the iPhone 6s to Apple after sale service and get the free repair.


Well, that’s all about how to fix the problem of iPhone 6s rose gold not charging. Last but not least, if you lost data while repairing the phone, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted or lost data easily and safely without data loss.

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