Mar 192015

As rooting bypasses carriers/restrictions set by manufacturers and gives you full access to Android devices, I was inspired to write a series of rooting tutorials. Taking everything into consideration, I plan to write on Samsung devices at first place and this time takes how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for example.

how to root samsung galaxy note 4


Attention: The tutorial below applies to Sprint, T-mobile, international variant of the latest but doesn’t work for AT&T and Version Wireless version of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


5 Steps to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Ease


First of all, get ready with the appropriate CF Auto Root File for your device as well as Odin for Windows which is packaged with the CF Auto Root ZIP. Make sure to download the correct file for your model number/processor type. Then



Step 1: Extract the downloaded CF Auto Root ZIP file to one .tar.md5 file and a couple files for Odin and DLL.

extract cf auto root file


Step 2: Right-click the Odin3-v3.07 and select “Run as administrator”.

set up odin


Step 3: Then check “PDA” option in Odin and select the .tar.md5 file. Make sure that the “Re-Partition” option is not checked.

set up odin


Step 4: Power off Note 4 and then turn it on holding the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously. After that, press the Volume Up button to enter “Download Mode”.

put note 4 to download mode


Step 5: Then connect Note 4 to PC and you’ll notice a COM messages show in Odin together with “Added!!” in the progress windows. Click “Start” to proceed.

flash cf auto boot


In the following minutes, you’ll see your Note 4 go into recovery mode, flash SuperSU and reboot. When Note 4 boots back up, open the SuperSU app from app drawer and let it update binary files.


Additional Tips for Common Problems During Rooting


  • If your Note 4 doesn’t enter recovery mode as expected, repeat above steps but uncheck “Auto Reboot” option in Odin. Rerun Odin and pull the battery from Note 4, place it back in and holding Volume Up + Power + Home simultaneously which it sticks.



  • If you encounter other rooting issues that I haven’t covered, shoot a comment below and I’ll try to help you out ASAP.

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