Apr 162015

With multifarious rumors circling, finally HTC unveiled the truth by claiming its exclusive release in China on April 8th. You may feel betrayed as it looks extremely like HTC M9 at first sight, but it’s not. In the following, I’m to show you what’s new in HTC One M9+ from the following 3 aspects.


  • Brand New Display


This is the most remarkable difference between HTC One M9 Plus and HTC One M9. M9+ is a larger 5.2 inch Super LCD3 panel with a QHD resolution of 1440*2560 which add up to 534 ppi pixel density while M9 is 5 inch FHD Super LCD3 display with 1080*1920 resolution of 441 ppi pixel density.

htc one m9 plus


  • Duo Camera


Speaking of camera setup, HTC One M9 Plus does better than HTC One M9 by reusing Duo camera. Aside from extra 2.1 MP depth-sensor attached on top of the standard 20.7 MP rear camera, HTC One M9+ also takes 4 MP UltraPixel sensor in the front camera which gives better quality selfies in all conditions.

htc one m9 plus duo camera


  • Fingerprint Scanner


In addition, HTC One M9 Plus adds front-mounted fingerprint scanner which is similar to Samsung S6 and Note 4. Such change reveals HTC’s ambition to release a phone with touch ID that every other major smartphone manufacturer wants to add as quickly as possible.

fingerprint scanner


Powerful as HTC One M9 Plus is, you still can’t avoid unexpected data loss, such as accidental deletion, virus attack, factory reset and more. In that case, you can click how to recover data from HTC One M9 Plus for reference.

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