Jun 142012

HTC mobile phones offer memory card slot that can contain SD card or Micro SD card with volume up to 32 GB, convenient enough for you to save a great number of apps, photos, video, songs and documents. However, sometimes, owing to human errors or accidents, we may lost favorite data from it. The following content tells you how to solve all HTC mobile phone data loss issues.

Commonest Issues

  1. Accidently deleted photos, video or music from SD card;
  2. Mobile phone shut down due to low battery while in the process of saving photos;
  3. Eject Mobile phone mistakenly during data transformation from mobile to PC;
  4. Formatted SD card;
  5. Mobile phone fall into water or break down due to accident.



While you are unlucky to lost data from HTC SD card, Firstly, stop using the mobile phone immediately. Take out of the SD card from mobile phone and put it in a safe place. Make sure you have a card reader in your hand. If not, you can purchase one in the internet. Then you need a HTC recovery program to help you. Research it in Google and you can find there are a great number of tools available. Here I recommend you use Card Data Recovery. This program supports recovering photos, video, audio and documents from SD card, miniSD card, microSD card, etc. It features easy to use interface with four recovery mode individually provided, perfect for those who are not proficient at technology. After getting the program, Install it on your PC, and following the tutorial below to get back your precious data.

  1. Insert the SD card to card reader. And connect it to PC. If you have no card reader, connect your mobile to PC with USB cable porter directly.
  2. Run HTC Mobile Phone data recovery program, in the interface, find the removable drive, select it and click “Start scan” to start scanning.
  3. In the task list interface. Check your file and preview them.
  4. Click “recover” to retrieve your data. Personally speaking, I advise you to save the file to other storage devices other than mobile phone SD card in case that the original data will be overwritten.

Other solutions:

If the SD card can’t be detected by PC, please try other computers. If it can’t be detected either, maybe the card was completely corrupted or physically damaged. In this case, I suggest you ask help of experts or go to the nearest data salvage center for help.

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