Mar 272013

How to Use Cell Phone Memory Cards Correctly

Using memory cards for the cell phone is a common practice for people nowadays as the capabilities of cell phones have increased dramatically such as using as mp3, mp4, eBook, camera etc. Cell phone is not only for calling somebody else but multifunctional digital device.

As we used cell phone for more and more functions, the internal storage of our cell phone cannot meet our needs any more. After downloading and installing just a few ringtones, songs, applications or take some photos, many cell phones have no internal storage space left. Then we face the internal storage space lack problem.

However, where there is a will there is a way. Luckily, we have memory cards for cell phone. Media phones are capable of accepting small memory cards such as MicroSD or MiniSD. These cards allow for expandable storage and easy file transfer between your phone and computer. Following passage will tell you how to use cell phone memory cards in a right way.

1. Select the right type of memory card

The first thing to use a memory card is determine the type of memory card your cell phone uses. Most cell phones use MicroSD memory cards, and some may use MiniSD. Your cell phone users manual will exactly tells you the type of memory card applied to your phone.

2. Install the card to your cell phone

To use the memory card, you must insert the card to your cell phone. Remember to turn off your phone before your insert the card. When your phone turns back on, the phone will recognize the card has been installed.

3. Save premium services to your card

A few cell phones allow you to store ring tones on your memory card. However, you can store purchased or downloaded programs, music and videos to your memory card.

4. Store your photos and videos on your memory card.

Now your memory card is available to save photos and videos. Under your cell phone’s camera settings menu, select the option that resembles “save to”. This will give you the option to save your media to the internal memory or the memory card.

5. Move files to your computer

Files on memory cards can easily move to your computer with an adapter. Use an SD card reader to view the photos and videos you’ve taken. If you don’t have an SD card reader built in to your computer, you can purchase one.

6. Transfer your MP3

You can move MP3 files from your computer to your memory card for playback on your phone if your phone is music enabled. Depending upon your phone, you may need to store these files in a specially named folder, so be sure to reference the manual.

So after talking so much, I believe you already got an idea about how to use cell phone memory card. Although cell phone memory card can solve your problem of lacking storage space, it sometimes also brings troubles to its users such as lost card data. In this occasion you cannot recovery your lost card data unless using Card Data Recovery software.

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