Jul 122013

Get a Message like “The disk is write-protected” when you transfer files to your memory card? A locked memory card allows you to read from them, but forbid to write to it. If you want to store folder or files as well as take photos with your camera or smart phone, you should unlock it firstly.


Solution 1: Unlock the Memory Card

  1. Look at the sides of your memory card for a tab in a slot.
  2. Move this tab to put it in line with the icon that is on the card of an unlocked padlock. This unlocks your memory card.


  1. Insert the memory card back into your camera or mobile phone.


Solution 2: Format the Card

Sometimes, you didn’t lock your memory card, but it reminds you it is locked. The data on the memory card may be corrupted. Format the card can fix this issue.

Warning: Formatting will wipe all the files on the memory card. Please back up your files before formatting.

  1. Insert your memory card into the reader in your computer.
  2. Open “My computer”.
  3. Right-click on the memory card and then select “Format”.
  4. Select the File system type. If the memory card is 4GB or higher, select “FAT32.” If the memory card is 2GB or lower, select “FAT.”
  5. Click on “Start”.
  6. After it finished formatting, right-click your memory card and select “Eject”.


Tips: If you lost files on memory card due to formatting, or other reasons, you can try Card Data Recovery and Card Data Recovery for Mac to recover lost data.

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