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An Android phone has one 8GB or 16GB storage. To expand storage, device often has a SD card slot. Keeping files stored on SD card rather than phone makes it easier to swap them from device to device. It also keeps your phone storage free for things such as the OS and apps, which may keep things moving along quickly.

How to move apps from Android phone to SD card

Before getting started, you should make sure whether the manufacturers of your Android phone let you run apps from the SD card or not, because of the way they mount SD card. For example, some the Galaxy phones can’t do so. In part this is for performance reasons, and in part because the SD card is outside the walled world of your Google account which may make permissions tricky.

This isn’t the case with all Android phones, however. If you can move apps to your SD card, the process is likely to be something like this: go to the Apps menu, find the app you want to move. Then through that particular App’s settings, select move to SD card.

How to move files, photos from Android phone to SD card

By default files such as music, movies, photos and documents will save to the phone. Let’s concentrate on moving files.

First of all look in your phone’s app menu – is there something called ‘File Manager’ or similar? If so, you are in clover.

If not, don’t worry – you have can utilize a PC and a USB cable. That being the case you can mount your phone or tablet like a USB drive on your PC. Click into it from the PC and you’ll see the file structure, like any other portable storage. Then simply drag-and-drop files to the SD card. This ability to see and utilize your phone as USB storage is one of the key advantages of Android over iOS.transfer-data-from-android-to-sd-card

There is one other possibility that is worth considering. In some recent versions of Android, if you go to Settings > Storage, you’ll find an option called ‘Transfer data to SD card’. Here you can select or all data or certain types of file (photos/music etc.), and transfer them from the phone to the SD card via a single click. Do this periodically to keep your phone’s storage free.


How to save files direct to SD card on Android

Finally, here’s how to set up your Android phone so that new files automatically save to the expansion card. Select the app you use for that type of file – for instance ‘Camera’ for photos. Then go to Settings > Storage or similar. There should be an option called something like ‘Save to SD card by default’. Enable this option.

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