Aug 252011

With smart, sleek and creative appearance and superior technology like shooting 720p HD video with stereo sound while using the optical zoom, 12x wide-angel optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, etc. Canon PowerShot SX130IS becomes a new pet for Canon fans. Large 3.0-inch LCD with wide viewing angle lets you see what you are shooting, AA battery power enables you to easily power up. All of them let you can’t help putting it to use in an instant.

Like the previous Canon PowerShot SX120IS, It captures images to SD/SDHD/SDXC memory cards. In order to share pictures on the internet, you need to transfer images from memory cards to PC. During this process, photos may loss due to human error or other reasons. If that happens, don’t panic, you can still get the lost images back.

Here are others cases about losing photos:
1. Eject the SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards unexpectedly from the camera;
2. Turn off the camera while its contents are being transferred to computer;
3. Took photos while the camera was flashing a low battery symbol, pictures were not saved completely due to low battery;
4. In the process of shooting, “memory card error” message occurs;
5. Mistakenly press “format” button during using the camera.

No matter what cases, it is not pleased to lose images, especially those precious ones like family union, child growing-up note, travel scenery pictures, etc. Fortunately, you can still retrieve them.

Unlike computer, Canon Powershot SX130IS has no recycle bin. Therefore, you had better get into the habit of backup the camera before using it. If the backup is available, use it to recover the lost photos. If not, a digital photo recovery program is needed. Connect the camera to PC (a card reader is recommended) Once the memory card was detected by the computer, use the digital picture recovery program to scan the card and recover photos.

1. Stop using the camera immediately in case photos were overwritten and make them unrecoverable forever.
2. Make sure the card was detected by the computer. If not, there is no way to get back lost photos.

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    Nowadays most of the people facing this kind of problems. This is a good platform to know how to recovery lost data. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I was recently in a panic because I thought I deleted all my pictures. However, I was able to retrieve them by using Microsoft windows instead of the canon software. I turned off the camera and turned it back on, a message box appeared where I had to chose a program in order to view the pictures. Instead of choosing the canon software, I chose microsoft picture viewer and I was able to get all my pictures.

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