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Have you heard the Eye-Fi memory card? Do people around you use the Eye-Fi memory card for their camera? Eye-Fi memory card is an innovation based on the common memory card we used every day. Just as many other memory cards, Eye-Fi memory card cannot avoid the problem of data loss. Here I will tell you the way to recover date form Eye-Fi memory card with memory card data recovery software.

What is Eye-Fi Memory Card?

Eye-Fi memory card is a kind of Memory Card with Built-in WiFi developed by Eye-Fi Company.  A camera using Eye-Fi memory card can instantly and safely upload digital photos to a local computer (running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X) or a mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet (running iOS or Android) wirelessly and automatically. Currently, Eye-Fi has three models of WiFi SD cards: “Connect X2” (4 GB), “Mobile X2” (8 GB) and “Pro X2” (8 GB or 16[4] GB).

How to Recover Eye-Fi Memory Card Data?

Lost data is still a troublesome problem frustrate most of us. We usually lost our data either by the human errors or the problem of products. Luckily in order to avoid this problem, many manufactures put data recovery program in the digital camera so that their customers can easily get back their lost data. However, not all the digital camera has this function, so what can we do if I lost Eye-Fi memory card data under this circumstance? If this is your case then don’t need to panic because you can easily recover all your important data from your Eye-Fi memory card with the Card Data Recovery tool.

Card Data Recovery is an effective Eye-Fi memory card data recovery software. It will professionally recover the deleted or lost photos, video, and audio without moving, deleting or modifying the data on your storage devices.

Here I will show you the steps of using Card Data Recovery in detail.

Step1. Download and install Card Data Recovery on your PC, Eye-Fi memory card will wirelessly and automatically connect to your pc.

Step2. After the Eye-Fi memory card was detected by PC, run Card Data Recovery and click “scan” to start scanning lost pictures.( Eye-Fi memory card and computer should be have the same file system, If not, Eye-Fi memory card may be not detected by the PC)

Step3. Check pictures in the task list table and click “recovery” to start recovery. You can preview lost picture on the right window before recovery.

So when you lost data from Eye-Fi memory card, first check out your digital camera whether has a data recovery program. If it does not have, you can try to use the Card Data Recovery; it will recover the deleted or lost data from Eye-Fi memory card.

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