May 272016

If you are facing problem with soft-bricked Android phone and lost data on your phone, don’t worry, just read on:

How to Fix an Soft-bricked Android phone?

Need to unbrick your Android phone? This is a frustrating situation when your smartphone does not respond to your input and becomes inactive. Most Android users could get panic once they come across this kind of unpleasant event. But from now on, you do not need to worry because you can fix the soft-bricked Android phone. With the use of an Android recovery tool that you can recover every lost file from your Android phone to make things normal again .


Android phone in brick is not a common thing for an Android device. However, experts suggest that you should not do anything as it can result in overwriting of data. But there are some tricks that are offered by the Android phone makers such as pressing power button, home button, volume up button at the same time.

This makes the phone to enter into recovery mode and then selecting the appropriate option such as factory reset, you can fix the soft-bricked Android phone. However, this will delete all user data and place it in another embarrassing. Do not worry, even this problem can be treated, just read the next paragraph.

How to Restore Soft-bricked Android phone

No matter how your android phone is bricked, you can fix it and you can also restore lost data from bricked Android phone with the help of Android Data Recovery. This is a most admired recovery software to restore data from Android devices because it has many satisfied customers.

The software is ranked top in its class and recommended by many professionals. It will do a complete scan of the internal and external memory from Android phone and retrieves files from an Android phone in a few minutes. Android Data Recovery Software is tested for malware and found completely safe to use. However, by downloading the free version, you can get to know its catchy features such as preview option, save recovery session, etc.

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