Apr 292013

Memory card is a storage device used for storing digital information. It is widely used in digital device such as smartphones, digital cameras, pads etc. In many canses, the data on memory cards can become corrupted. This can happen for a number of reasons, including physical damage to the card, battery failure during data transmission or incorrect removal of the card from a device.

Thus how to recover corrupted memory card become one of the issues that memory card users mostly concerns. Damaged memory cards are inoperable within portable devices. The cards will be unable to store or create new data. Files previously stored on the media card may be lost due to the damage as well. To use a memory card again, you must format the drive.

Step 1: Connect the damaged memory card to your personal computer by inserting the card into the computer’s installed memory reader.

Step 2: Double-click the “My Computer” icon located on the desktop.

Step 3: View the section entitled “Devices With Removable Storage.” Your memory card will be located among that list with an “(E:)” or “(F:)” located next to it.

Step 4: Right-click directly on the damaged disc drive. Select “Format” from the list of available options.

Step 5: Click “Start” (located at the bottom of the window). Allow several minutes for the computer to completely format the memory card.

Though formatting can recover a corrupted memory card but you will lost all the data you previously stored on your memory card. Losing data from data is a painful thing especially when there are something important stored on it. Don’t freak out! The only thing you need is a Card Data Recovery; it can recover data due to deletion, formatting, memory card damage, virus attack, etc. It performs powerful scanning algorithms to scan partitions and recover every trace of data. Following I will tell you how to use Card Data Recovery in detail.

Step1: First you need to download and install Card Data Recovery on your PC. Double click “.exe” file and follow the prompt to install it.

Step2: Connect the device to your computer, run Card Data Recovery and click “scan” to start scanning lost data.

Step3: Check data in the task list table and click “recovery” to start recovery. You can preview lost data on the right window before recovery.

Step 4: When you find the exact files you want to recover, click “Recover” and select a path to save recovered files.

Following these simple steps you can easily recover lost data from the formatting card. Now your corrupted memory card works again after the formatting and with the wonderful Card Data Recovery, you get everything back from your formatting card. Nothing would please you than this!

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