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SD cards are a common type of flash memory used in electronic devices, such as cameras, primarily because of their small size, fast data writing speed and versatility between devices. If you are experiencing issues with your SD card, there are several things you can try to troubleshoot your SD card.

Computer won’t read the card.

Make sure that your computer supports the size and type of memory card you’re using. For example, some older computers can only read SD cards that are less than 2 GB in size. However, many SDHC cards are 4 GB or larger in size. You might be able to upgrade your computer to SDHC compliance with a firmware upgrade; check with your computer’s manufacturer.

Card is “write protected” error message.

SD and SDHC cards contain “lock” switches on the left side of the card (as viewed from the front). If the switch is in the lower/bottom position, the card is locked and write-protected, meaning no new data can be written to the card. Slide the switch upward to “unlock” the card.

How do I recover deleted or missing files?

If the memory card is operating OK, but you’re unable to find or open certain photo files, you can use card data recovery software to try to recover the photos, or you can take the SD memory card to a computer or camera repair center, which may be able to recover the photos. If your computer or camera cannot read the card, a repair center is your only option.

How can you fix such errors?

One common error tag related to memory card is “Memory card error”. It is important to fix this urgently for quick image accessing and to avoid any critical photo loss situation.

Here you can take the following steps to overcome the problem.
» Connect your device to a computer to access the data, instead of view data on the device directly.
» Use a card reader for accessing the data on a computer or try with another data cable.
» If using card reader doesn’t work, you need to check the card for errors. It is possible to check media errors using Disk Repair utilities, such as chkdsk in Microsoft Windows and Disk Utility in Mac OS X operating system.
» If the above steps fail to solve your problem, you have no option but to go for formatting, and start memory card recovery immediately.

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