Oct 042014

This year, we’ve seen plenty of new smartphones unveiled, which must fascinate and excite you. On the other hand, this also makes it hard for you to make a decision that which cellphone to buy. Here we have the top 10 smartphones and their brief information listed as your buying guide.

1.       iPhone 6 Plus

iphone6plusFeatures: Featuring a sizeable 1920×1080, 401ppi Retina HD display the iPhone 6 Plus is the first ever handset to bring all the inherent benefits of iOS 8 to the big screen. The iPhone 6 Plus takes all the best bits of the iPhone 6 – design, beautiful UI, strong camera performance – and improves upon them by packing an even better camera, a Full HD screen and much larger battery.

Problems: it’s a little hard to hold in one hand to being a little too wide.



2.       Samsung Galaxy S5

 galaxys5Features: Samsung Galaxy S5 excels at everything that matters: vivid super AMOLED screen, excellent camera performance, dust and water resistant, removable battery and micro SD card, lightweight for a large screen device, great battery life and etc.

Problems: nearly useless fingerprint scanner, limited internal storage capacity, overwhelming and disorganized settings area.



3.       Sony Xperia Z3

xperiaz3-200x241Features: the Z3 consists of a 5.2-inch display operating at 1,920 x 1,080 with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC ticking along at a speedy 2.5GHz. It has 3GB of RAM and is available with your choice of 16 GB or 32 GB of storage. It is dust and water resistant and has long lasting battery life.

Problems: 720p display and cumbersome overlay


4.       LG G3

lgg3Features: The LG G3 has solid call quality and LTE data speeds, a great camera, a brilliantly sharp display, a snappy quad-core processor, and a flat UI that makes Android 4.4 look good. LG’s flagship has also improved on the previous model — the new G3 comes with a removable battery and microSD card slot, both things the G2 lacked.

Problems: poor battery life (The new QHD display with its 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution is quite a power hog, so the phone will barely last you a day without a charge.)


5.       iPhone 6

iphone6Features: Sporting a vivid 4.7-inch, 1334 x 750-pixel display, the iPhone 6 is big enough to rival flagship competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. It has improved LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, better camera autofocus.

Problems: Poor battery life and lacks the optical image stabilization of the bigger, more expensive 6 Plus.

6.       Samsung Galaxy Note 4

note 4Features: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a screen size of 5.7 inches with resolution of 2560 x 1440. Another plus is the Quad HD Super AMOLED screen which brings colors to life. It is equipped with a 17 megapixels camera at the back and a 3.7 megapixels camera in the front. It also includes both a heart rate scanner as well as a fingerprint scanner.

Problems: The phone is not waterproof. User interface needs some work.


7.       HTC One M8

htconem8-200x110Features: HTC has a lot pros, such as, high quality construction, camera software, HTC sense 6 UI, extremely fast performance, excellent LCD 3 display and great battery life.

Problems: HTC One (M8) can’t resist dust and water. And also, it has pretty slippery back. What’s worse, its battery is not user-removable, making it harder to replace once the battery wears out.

8.       Nokia Lumia 930

lumiaicon-200x110Features: It offers the perfect mix of screen size, 5 inches, with great internal specs and a fantastic camera and a fast processor. Low-light image quality is excellent.

Problems: Its flat, slab design is uninspiring, and the icon is a little heavy and thick. Call quality was mediocre.

9.       Google Nexus 5

nexus 5Features: It’s an excellent smartphone that is guaranteed to get the latest and greatest Android software. It is outstanding for its fast performance, pure Google experience, Qi wireless charging and low price with no contract.

Problems: Its limited battery life, decent camera performance and no memory expansion are less satisfying.


10.   Moto X

moto xFeatures: Moto X is attractive for its awesome, compact form factor, touchless controls, Motorola assist and trusted Bluetooth device, quick to get Android updates and low price.

Problems: limited battery life, minimal camera performance, lower resolution display ad no memory expansion.


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