Apr 102012

Lost data in SD card sounds like a nightmare for photographers as well as other SD card users. Common reasons that lost data includes formatted SD card, SD card damaged, accidently deleted “all” instead of “one” when reviewing your pictures, etc. Fortunately, you can recover data from SD card. The following are tactics about how to get back data from SD card.

Stop using the SD card

When data was deleted or formatted, the information still exists in the card. It only empties room for other data and tells the user it is OK to overwrite data. If you don’t use the card, the data will not be overwritten, and hopefully, you can get back the data.

Check the Camera or Mobile Phone

If the SD card was in the camera or mobile phone, look in the internal memory of your camera or mobile phone, sometimes, the SD card may not have been inserted completely, or you have changed the camera’s settings, but you forgot it. In this case, the data should be saved to your camera or mobile phone’s internal memory. Therefore, what you have to do is copy the data from internal memory to the card and you can retrieve lost data.

Data Recovery with best SD card recovery software

If data was deleted permanently from SD card or SD card was formatted, you need to go to the step of data recovery. There are many computer programs available that can scan the SD card and retrieve lost data. One of the significant and awards winning SD card data recovery tool is Card Data Recovery. It has two versions separately available for Windows and Mac users. It features a very easy to use interface and simple recovery procedure that can recover photos, video, audio, documents, etc. from formatted, corrupted SD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, etc.

Contact a data recovery company

If your SD card was seriously damaged, and the data in it is extremely important, you can contact a data recovery company. Although their service will be much more expensive than data recovery program, it is safer.