Feb 292012

Pen Drive gives us significant convenience in today’s business life. However, due to human errors or other reasons, we often meet embarrassed phenomena of losing Pen Drive data. For example, data was deleted by antivirus, files and folders changed into shortcut, etc. While meet these problems, take it easy, the article below tells you how to recover pen drive data.

Practical case:

Your pen drive was attacked by virus, although the space shows the same like before, all files and folders in the pen drive are changed to shortcut. After connecting it to PC and scanning it with antivirus program, your precious data including photos, video, songs or documents disappeared.


Before recovering data from pen drive, make sure all the virus threats that are detected by the antivirus program. If the virus can’t be deleted completely, you had better format the pen drive first and then use data recovery program to retrieve data.If the virus deleted completely, you can use the third party pen drive data recovery software to get back the lost data directly. There are many data recovery tool in the internet. I recommend Card Data Recovery for Windows for Windows users and Card Data Recovery for Mac for Mac users. Both are very easy to use with significant function. They offer special recovery mode to recover photos, video, audio and documents from pen drives with different brands.  Within the following simple steps, you can retrieve your lost data.

Step1. Download and run the right version of Card Data Recovery on your computer, then plug the pen drive to the PC, and scan it with the program. (Card Data Recovery allows you to scan photos, video, or audio separately or scan them all at once)

Step2. You can see all recoverable data are listed in the task list, preview them to see whether that are what you wanted.

Step3. Select the file and click “recover”. In consideration of safety, when saving the recovered data, you had better choose another place like computer hard drive, other external devices. Never save them to the pen drive where you are recovering files now.