Feb 052015

free sd cf memory card data recoveryMemory cards like micro SD card, CF card are popular removable drives used for camera, mobile phone. It can store all kinds of data types such as photos, music, videos, documents etc. However, what if you accidentally deleted one or more files from the camera, mobile phone SD card, or for some reasons you have to format the memory card to fix the problems and lost all the data? Is it possible to undelete or restore files from memory card?

The good news is that the free memory card recovery software allows you to recover lost or deleted data from various types of memory card regardless of the reasons you lost them, corrupt, crash, virus infection or experienced a sudden power failure when transfer data from memory card to computer, etc. To do that, follow along the tips below.

Firstly, Stop Using Memory Card.

Those data lost or deleted from memory card are not gone for good, and they still remain on the memory card unless they are replaced by the new file and making the data unrecoverable. Therefore, the more you use memory card, the lesser data you can get back.

Secondly, Use Free Memory Card Recovery Software.

Card Data Recovery program has successfully restored data from every type of SD card, CF card on all kinds of camera like Nikon, Fuji, Sony and mobile phones. To begin with, free download card data recovery software.

Card Data Recovery for Windows
Card Data Recovery for Mac

Step 1: Install program on computer/Mac and run it.
Step 2: Connect memory card with PC via card reader, or connect the device with PC.
Step 3: Take the Windows version for example, select your drive and mode, then click “Scan” button to start.

card data recovery

Step 4: When the scan is complete, from the preview windows, you can view and check which files to recover, then click “Recover” button to save them on the local computer.

That’s it!

Oh and Lastly, Back Up Memory Card Regularly.

Indeed, free memory card data recovery can retrieve card data perfectly. However, we often too late to recover data, or worse, you lost memory card. But you’ll never be panic when lost data on memory card if you have a copy on computer!

Jul 032012

How to Fix Sony Memory Stick Photo Lost Issue?

Last week, I purchased a new Sony memory stick pro, and put it into my Sony digital camera. I took a large amount of pictures about our picnic with no problems. I changed in a second memory stick and continue shooting. When I returned to the first one, I found no pictures there.                                                ——john Fortier

If the above stated issue happened, the first thing you should do is stop using the camera to take any new photo in case that the original data will be overwritten. Then check whether the memory stick can be readable or not. You can put the memory stick into the camera, if the says “memory stick unreadable” and when you put it in a card reader and it is again unreadable, but it looks fine to the naked eye and the contacts are clean. That means the card is not actually corrupted, it is because the devices can’t establish a data connection with it. If that happens, you had better go to after-sale service center to get help.

If the memory stick can be readable, that means the photos lost during the process of swapping memory stick, in this case, there still have choices to get back your photos, but you need memory stick recovery software to help you. Card Data Recovery (both Windows and Mac OS X versions are available) is the professional digital camera memory stick data recovery tool. It can recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted images from various brands memory sticks including Sony, Sandisk, Kingston, etc.

How to perform Sony memory stick photo recovery?
Step 1: Take out of the memory stick, plug it into card reader and then connect it to PC or Mac computer. (Recommended) Or you can connect your Sony camcorder to computer directly.
Step 2. Download the recovery software and install it on your computer. Once you see the memory stick appears as a drive letter in “My Computer”. Run that program and scan the memory stick drive.
Step 3: You can see all scanned result displayed in the task list. You can preview them before recovery.
Tips: Picture formats supported by this tool including: PG, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, WMF, CR2, DNG, RAF, ERF, RAW, NEF, ORF