Sep 242012

Besides being very small and cheap, USB flash drives are really simple to use: plug one into a computer’s USB port and you can access the documents stored on the drive immediately. You can also run portable programs from the drive without having to install them on the host computer. Because program settings (e.g., favorite bookmarks in Firefox) are also saved on the drive, it’s like having your own personal computing environment with you wherever you go.

You can use enjoy benefits for a USB flash drive:

1.     File Storage

Thumb drives can be used to store files for special projects, or if you have no room to store them otherwise. They are good for storing information for specific purposes, because you can have a different drive for each purpose.

2.  Backing up Data

Thumb drives can be useful for backing up documents and other files. Files can be added and deleted like in normal computer memory, and you do not have to use several CDs.

3.     Transporting Data

Data transport is simple with thumb drives, as long as both the source computer and the destination computer have USB ports. Files are simply copied to the drive from the source computer, then copied to the destination computer from the drive.

4.     Saving on Public Computers

Information found or created on a public computer can be saved to a thumb drive, which means you do not have to email yourself or lose your data, and you do not have to worry about anyone else finding it.

5.    Durability and Size

Drives are more durable than CDs, so you will not lose all your data because of a scratch. They also have more room to store data than CDs, so what might take four or five CDs only takes one drive.

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