Dec 152015

Mistakenly deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 520? What’s worse, you haven’t backup? Don’t worry, you still have way to resore. In this article, I would introduce the best Nokia Lumia 520 data recovery program to help you recover deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 520.

mistakenly deleted photos from nokia lumia 520

Firstly, you should know why to recover data from Nokia Lumia 520 is possible even though deleted?

When you delete files from your Nokia Lumia 520, the space that the files used to be stored turns blank but the files are kept intact as long as you haven’t overwritten it by storing new files to the blank space. What the Nokia Lumia 520 file recovery software does is to scan the deleted data and get it back. As far as I know, Card Data Recovery Software is the most user-friendly, effective as well as safest one to recover your Nokia Lumia 520 deleted data. It can quickly recover lost data due to card or drive corruption, virus attack, mistakenly deletion, formatting, etc.

How to use Card Data Recovery ?

Step 1. Select target drive and file type
After you launch Card Data Recovery Software for Windows, you will see the main interface. Click “Start” on the button of the interface. You can also click “Step 1” instead.
Step 2. Preview and select you needed photos
During scanning, you can stop scanning, or you give up recovery after finishing scanning and click “Back”, you can save the scan result for recovery at the next time.
Step 3. Save the recovered photos to destination folder
After you find the deleted photos you want to recover, click “Recover” button and select a path to save the photos.
Tips: Don’t save the recovered files to the same partition where you lost the files.

recover deleted photos from nokia lumia 520
There are some other ways to recover deleted data from Nokia Lumia 520, click here, you will know more.

Nov 192015

“Help me! I have a Kindle Fire HD tablet, which is my favorite electric device. Unfortunately a friend of mine was checking the functionality of the Kindle Fire HD tablet and he being accidentally deleted my entire data by using the factory reset today. I’m annoyed by this, but soon realized that it is not a way to recover my lost data on kindle fire. Especially the files in some Apps which I don’t have any backup.”

Losing Apps or any type of files on Apps from your Kindle Fire tablet is not a good thing, regardless of the reasons you do or someone else or because of some logical interruptions. This may upset and frustrate you, but not anymore. As it is possible to recover Apps files from the Kindle Fire by using a data recovery tool named Android Data Recovery(Amazon Kindle Fire are using Android system).


Android Data Recovery is very simple to use, you do not need to be an expert to use this software. It can examine the full invincible hard disk to restore Apps or other files from the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Recover Deleted Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire with Android Data Recovery

Step 1: Connect your Kindle Fire HD tablet to computer using an USB cable and wait until the connection is established.

Step 2: Click “Allow” when an app Superuser Request pops up on your kindle fire, then click on the “Start” button and choose the files you want to scan(According the files types on your kindle fire tablet, such as songs, videos, photos, etc.).

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview the Apps files you want and select to recover them, just click on the “Recover” button you can save the data on your computer.

Of course, if you have backup on Amazon cloud drive, you also can restore kindle fire deleted Apps from the backup, but if you don’t, I think that the method above is the best choice for you.

Oct 152015

Is there a simpler way to recover the wiped app after factory reset from my my Android tablet?

Sure, you can. In fact, your lost apps from android tablet are not necessarily completely gone. And you can recover deleted apps. In this article, I will introduce you how to retrieve deleted apps on android tablet.
Android Data Recovery Pro is the most professional tool which can help you recover deleted or lost Android data, such as contacts, call history, text messages, photos, music, and videos, app from Android phone and tablet.

How to Use Android Data Recovery Pro ?

Three steps will be OK:

Step 1. Connect your Android tablet

Two ways you can try to connect your Android tablet with this software. You can connect your device via Wi-Fi or a USB cable.
1. Connect Android tablet via a USB Cable
You also can simply connect your Android tablet to PC with a USB cable.”USB Cable Connection” is selected by default. Just connect your Android tablet to PC with USB. Suggest you don’t run any Android tablet management software during the recovery process.

Tips: Click here, you will know about how to connect your Android table via Wi-Fi to retrieve deleted apps.

how to retrieve deleted apps on android tablet

2. Click “Connect” to connect the detected device.
3. Tap “OK” in your device to turn on USB storage and follow wizard below to continue.
4. Then enable the USB debugging. The process varies for different versions of Android OS. Click “How to enable USB debugging” link for details.
5. After that, Android Data Recovery Pro will automatically start to install drive for your device.

Step 2. Scan Android tablet

1. After PC detects your Android device, click “Start”. Then click “Allow” on your Android device .Then click “Next” to allow the program to scan your Android device.
2. If you only want to recover lost app, you can only click” Whats App”. Then click “Next” button to continue. You can save much time.

lost apps from android tablet

3. Select the location of your lost apps: internal memory or SD card. And click “Scan” to proceed.

Tips: You can also recover Android data with Deep Scan.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Data

The recoverable files are listed by file types, preview and click what app you want to recover.Then,click “Recover”.

recover deleted or lost android data

Hope you can have a nice experience ! By the way, if you want to recover deleted app from Android phone, you also can use this software.

Oct 092015

SD Card is a very common tool to store data, but sometimes it is frustrating, because you may see some errors when you connect your SD Card to computer, for example, “The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now” or “File or directory is corrupted and unreadable”, it means that you can’t read/write data on your Card. More seriously, if you can’t handle it properly, you may lose those data on memory card for ever.

When you meet this situation, you might be very anxious to restore those data on your SD Card, and you can use cmd to get your lost files back by repair the formatted or corrupted SD Card:

How to Recover Files From Formatted or Corrupted SD Card Using cmd

  • 1. Click “Run” at start menu on your computer, then type “cmd” in the input box.
  • 2. Type the command “CHKDSK [driveletter] /r” in the command promote. For example, your SD Card’s drive letter is “E”, you should type command “CHKDSK E: /r”. The command “CHKDSK” checks the specify disk for structure corruption. The paramter “/r” tells the command to repair the issues it finds.
  • 3. Go ahead and choose “Yes”. Chkdsk will report back what it has done and go to my computer and check out your drive.
recover files from sd card using cmd

But sometimes you may not be so lucky like that, and you need a third party software such as SD Card Data Recovery to recover lost files from Micro SD Memory Card. The software can restore your lost data in the much worse situation.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card with Card Data Recovery

  • 1.Connect your Sd card to computer which install SD Card Data Recovery, launch the software, choose the drive you want to recover and click “Scan”.
  • 2.After scanning, you can preview all the files and choose the data you need to recover. Click “Recover”.
  • 3.Choose a path to save those data and they will be saved on your computer.

Though the two steps above, certainly you can retrieve lost data on a memory card. By the use of cmd, you only need to input a few instructions on your computer and you can get your lost data back, but it also has some risks, so we need a Card Data Recovery, which can restore lost/deleted files under the worse situation.

Aug 262015

“Help! I just accidentally deleted all photos and videos on my Sd card, and i have reinstalled Windows 10 system instead of Windows 7 on my computer before, which resulting in the Card Data Recovery i found on line cannot be installed on Windows 10. So, i can’t recover the lost data now, what can i do? Can someone introduce a card data recovery software can work on Windows 10?”

As a new system, Windows 10 still have some compatible problem, for example, cannot recognize Android phone, SD Card and other devices, and for the situation above, what if we need to connect with computer to recover lost data from Formatted SD Card, how to fix it?

According to the caller above, he need a card data recovery software can compatible with Windows 10, and many software providers can’t update their software in time, so when we try to figure out the problem for this guy, we found that there is a data recovery for SD Card is helpful.

Card Data Recovery on Windows 10

This SD Card data recovery software can work on Windows 10, it is a read-only data recovery tool which can be compatible with Windows 10 to help recover images, music, videos, etc from SD card, mini SD, microSD, SDXC and more. If you have any problem with SD card data recovery on Windows 10, you can follow the guide below:

Recover Lost Data with Card Data Recovery on Windows 10

Now you need to download and install Card Data Recovery, then following the guide below to recover your lost data from SD card on Windows 10.

  • Step 1. Launch Card Data Recovery software and click “Start” button to move to the next step.
  • Step 2. Connect your SD Card with computer and select the corresponding device on the left side of the software interface.
  • Step 3. Select the file types you want(under the “Stand Mode” or “Advanced Mode”). Then click “Scan” button to move to the next step.
  • Step 4. You can preview the need data during or after scanning, and select the files you want.
  • Step 5. When the steps above are completed, click “Recover” button and select a path to save the data.

And this is the whole process to recover SD Card lost data with Card Data Recovery software on Windows 10.

Jul 092015

Quickly shooting for screen state on Android is very easy now. User just need to press two buttons(volume+power) or even just tap the shortcut on Android OS to make a screenshot. There are many reasons for user to make a screenshot on Android device,for sharing, for certifying, or other usage. However, screenshot image file is a kind of pictures, it is very easy to lost screenshot on Android device. For example, some management app for Android may recognize screenshot file as junk in device, when you use app to clean your device, they may be deleted.

General way for Android photos including screenshot recovery

To recover deleted, lost photos on Android device, there are some common ways existing in Android OS. Firstly, you can check backup in your phone. Every Android device has been installed backup and restoration feature app by producers, you can try to check whether backup can help you resetore lost screenshot. And Android OS (Android 5.0 or newer) already has recycle bin function in Gallery app. Deleted photos will be moved to recycle bin folder firstly, not remove them diretly. This folder make user can restore deleted Android photos in 30 days. Some Android device producers also may custom their gallery app which already has recycle bin or restoration features. Therefore, when we lost any screenshot photos in Android device, we can try to restore them back with those ways.


recover Android screenshot on macbook

More useful ways to recover deleted, lost Android screenshot

Except for general ways mentioned above, we can use other tool to get back Android screenshot pictures, especially, when they are not in recycle bin folder or backup doesn’t exist.

Note: Before using Android photos recovery tool to recover screenshot, you had better not take photos with your device, especially, don’t make screenshot.

Then, try to use this program-Tenorshare Android Data Recovery on Mac, which is a professional program on Mac OS to recover deleted,lost, formatted Android photos, contacts, text messages, call history, videos, app data, WhatsApp messages,etc for any Android device. Of course, you can use it on Windows OS with Win version.

There ‘s no need to worry about the process of recovery will be complex, only 4 steps, your lost screenshots will be back soon.
1. Connect Your Android Device
2. Scan Android Device

3. Preview and Recover Data


Jun 022015

Be Amazed for Android M that may be Android 6.0 was released in Google I/O. Android OS become more and more mature and perfect. Especially, Google pay more attention to security, online pay, and system optimization,etc. We can look forward Android 6.0 performance so soon.

However, although Android OS become more and more powerful which make it have more Competitiveness than iOS, some problems are still not so good to fixed. For exmaple, for Android deleted photos recovery, few useful ways can be worked in Android OS, especially on Mac OS machine.

Generally speaking, to recover android device data, backup is the first aid. From Android 1.5 to Android 4.4, user can restore their Android device data via prepared backup, but if they are in no backup situation, it seems to be hard to recover deleted pictures from Android phone on Mac.

There are two diretions to get back deleted pictures from Android on Mac OS.

1.Backup, of courese!

If you have updated your device to Andorid 5.0, you can find a new app named Photo occur in your device. This is a new feature that is divided from Google+ by Google. With this new photo app, user can manage photo files in Android device. What amazing is, this app have a recycle bin feature like iOS’s Photo app. Any deleted photos will be removed to this folder for a period of time. Before the deline, user can recover deleted photos in Android phone. Besides, this app keep the sync feature in Google+, when user login Google account.

On the other hand, if your device still is in Android 4.4 or older version system, you can get back deleted photos via old backup and restoration way.


android data recovery on mac

2.Use Android data recovery program for Mac.

However,not everyone have good sence and habit to back up Android photo all the time. If you have no backup, you need to use other professional Android data recovery program, especially on Mac OS.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac is an outstanding data recovery tool running on Mac. With powerful Android data recovery ability, it can get back all deleted, or lost photos, contacts, messages, and other files without any data damage. This professional data recovery software is available for all phones and tablets running Android OS, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other Android brands.

Let me know your opinions about how to save deleted photos from Android device on Mac.

May 142015

“I bought a new 16GB Transcend SDHC card, put it in my old Nikon Coolpix L3 and took a number of photos on a recent trip. Yesterday, I pulled the card out of the slot. Today when I put it back in the computer, it says the card isn’t formatted. The camera says the same thing. Is there any way to recover format photos from formatted SDHC card free?”
“I don’t know why my Micro SD care is displayed as RAW file system on my computer, when I try to transfer some photos to my computer. When I click it in my computer, an error message would be given and ask me to format it before using. But, I also clearly know the formatting process can clean everything there. So, is it still possible for me to retrieve format photos from SD card free? ”
“Can anyone help me to get back photos from SD card free on my Samsung Captivate running 2.2? I formatted it in error. I am an Android newbie and my phone is not rooted, and not really experienced to do so. Any help would be appreciated.”
As a phone or a computer user, have you ever faced this problem like recovering formatted data? No need to worry about that any more. Here, I would like to show you a simple way to recover format photos from SD card free.
Card Data Recovery is the memory card photos recovery software for various memory cards like SD card and other storage devices. It can quickly recover lost photos due to card or drive corruption, virus attack, mistakenly deletion, formatting, etc. After downloading the card data recovery software, only 3 steps your format photos will be come back!

Step 1. Select target drive and photos

After you launch Card Photos Recovery for Windows, you will see the main interface. Click “Start” .You can also click “Step 1” instead.

Select target drive and photos

Select target drive and photos

Step 2. Preview and select needed photos

Card Photos Recovery for Windows allows you to preview photos before recovery, so that you recover the right photos you want.

Preview and select needed photos

Preview and select needed photos

Step 3. Save the recovered photos to destination folder

After you find the exact photos you want to recover, click “Recover” and select a path to save the photos. It is highly suggested that you don’t save the recovered photos to the same partition where you lost the photos.

Save the recovered photos to destination folder

Save the recovered photos to destination folder

No matter how you delete your important photos, Card Data Recovery not only can help you to restore format Photos from SD card free but also can help you to recover lost videos, documents and more from SD card. More data lost which need to be recovered like iPhone date lost, you can refer the article iPhone Data Recovery.

Apr 162015

With multifarious rumors circling, finally HTC unveiled the truth by claiming its exclusive release in China on April 8th. You may feel betrayed as it looks extremely like HTC M9 at first sight, but it’s not. In the following, I’m to show you what’s new in HTC One M9+ from the following 3 aspects.


  • Brand New Display


This is the most remarkable difference between HTC One M9 Plus and HTC One M9. M9+ is a larger 5.2 inch Super LCD3 panel with a QHD resolution of 1440*2560 which add up to 534 ppi pixel density while M9 is 5 inch FHD Super LCD3 display with 1080*1920 resolution of 441 ppi pixel density.

htc one m9 plus


  • Duo Camera


Speaking of camera setup, HTC One M9 Plus does better than HTC One M9 by reusing Duo camera. Aside from extra 2.1 MP depth-sensor attached on top of the standard 20.7 MP rear camera, HTC One M9+ also takes 4 MP UltraPixel sensor in the front camera which gives better quality selfies in all conditions.

htc one m9 plus duo camera


  • Fingerprint Scanner


In addition, HTC One M9 Plus adds front-mounted fingerprint scanner which is similar to Samsung S6 and Note 4. Such change reveals HTC’s ambition to release a phone with touch ID that every other major smartphone manufacturer wants to add as quickly as possible.

fingerprint scanner


Powerful as HTC One M9 Plus is, you still can’t avoid unexpected data loss, such as accidental deletion, virus attack, factory reset and more. In that case, you can click how to recover data from HTC One M9 Plus for reference.

Mar 252015

Again, Samsung drew great attention around the world with the first public appearance of its unique, dual curved Galaxy S6 Edge and sleek, ulter thin edged Galaxy S6 on WMC. But as every crazy phone user knows, however powerful the device is, something still goes missing if you don’t have the root access of it. Fortunately, I’ve tried a reliable method to root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6 before their shipping data on April 10th.

how to root Samsung galaxy s6


A Reliable Tutorial for Rooting T-Mobile US S6 Edge and S6 (SM-G920T/SM-G925T)


Before rooting, you need to download the following 3 files to PC (Windows operation system supported only) first. Then just follow the step-by-step guide below, but note that the ROM repository files must match your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge model number.


Step 1: Right-click downloaded Odin files to extract both Odin and Philz Touch Recovery Package to PC.


Step 2: Launch Odin.exe file on PC and click on PDA. Then choose the ROM repository package file and uncheck Repartition if it’s already checked in the Odin.


Tips: You’d better check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time as well, which avoids boot loop and informs you whether successfully boot Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6.


Step 3: Turn off your device and turn it back on by pressing Volume Down, Home and Power buttons at the same time till you see Samsung logo on the screen.


Step 4: When a warning message prompts on the screen of S6 Edge/S6, press Volume Up and you’ll boot into download mode.

put s6 to download mode


Step 5: Then connect S6 Edge/S6 to PC and click on “Start” to start flashing root package on your device. And your device would automatically reboot if finishes flashing.


Step 6: Head to Play Store to download SuperSU and install it afterwards. Open the SuperSU app and choose Normal if it asks you “how do you want to update binary?”.


That’s all for rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6. It’s simple and time saving, isn’t it? Come to try the rooting tutorial yourself!


Optional: What You Can Get from Rooting


As old saying goes, everything has two sides. There’s no exception to rooting, hence I’m to show both Pros and Cons of rooting to you.


Pros: You can remove unnecessary apps pre-installed by network provider or manufacturer, get free storage space and freely update to the latest Android 5.1. Moreover, it also provides customization and increases battery life.


Cons: Rooting process involves flashing custom recoveries and ROMs. It voids warranty and even causes destructive data loss (you can refer to how to recover Android data after rooting).