Apr 202013

New WiFi SD Cards Make Instant Sharing Possible


Good news from the SD card field! Instant sharing of photos and videos wirelessly is now possible with any device. Chinavasion has launched a revolutionary range of WiFi SD cards that allow any device, including MP3s and cameras, share pictures with phones, tablets and computers, regardless whether the devices themselves have wireless connectivity or not.

This new kind of SD card has a WiFi aerial built into it, thus photos or videos you take on your birthday party with your compact camera can be shared with your friend as soon as you have take them no matter how old your camera is. If it’s got a SD card slot, it can share.

And electronic components are smaller than ever now, smartphones and tablets are able to the SD card at one time. As a result, WiFi SD cards have become suitable for any type of task that requires collaboration or sharing. Moreover, with 4GB, 8 GB and 16 GB cards available, there is a WiFi SD card for every type of photographer.

The WiFi SD cards are just a taste of the cool tech now available thanks to smaller WiFi components. Products like these incredible WiFi SD cards are just a taste of the amazing nanothech that Chinavsion and other electronics companies will be able to bring out in the near future.

This new type of SD card does bring great convenience to its users for making instant sharing photos and videos wirelessly possible. But like many other SD card, it also has the potential problem that is losing card data either due to the human errors or the problem of products. Luckily in order to avoid this problem, many manufactures put data recovery program in the digital camera so that their customers can easily get back their lost data. However, not all the digital camera has this function, so what can we do if I lost SD card data? In this occasion, I highly recommend you to try to Card Data Recovery. It is an effective WiFi SD card data recovery tool. It will professionally recover the deleted or lost photos, video, and audio without moving, deleting or modifying the data on your storage devices.

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